At Tankersley St Peters we embrace the Maths Mastery approach to teaching mathematics. There is a clear outline for this approach in each classroom.

Our teachers ensure that mathematics is taught every day using Year group themes and objectives from the ‘White Rose Maths Scheme’ to develop pupils’ mathematical knowledge, understanding and fluency. Activities cover a wide range of mathematical knowledge, many with an emphasis on practical work and applying skills

Each sequence and objective is taught using small steps with many opportunities given for Concrete, Pictorial (including bar model) and Abstract approaches and variation. Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are applied to each objective/sequence across a theme. We build on skills and understanding in a progressive way and mathematical connections are also made to other themes.

Maths Meetings take place daily to deepen fluency. Questions are planned carefully to ensure depth of understanding. Same day Maths Interventions take place to help children to practice tricky concepts and post teach mathematical gaps

Our pupils are encouraged to be confident in maths and to apply the skills that they learn to problem solving and reasoning. Children continue to develop place value, the four number operations and the understanding of fractional parts as they journey through school. We give children as many opportunities as possible to explain their learning- verbally, pictorially and written. Children are expected to answer questions in a complete sentence to develop depth of understanding.

Children are expected to be fluent in all times tables and number bonds/relationships by the end of year 4. Children can practice their times tables at home on the interactive TT Rock Stars website.

Countdown morning maths –aids retention in key mathematical concepts. Children complete a maximum of 10 maths questions on the board first thing each morning. These are pitched using age related objectives and include at least 1 of each of the 4 operations + - x ÷, x tables and also fluency, word type problems and reasoning. Questions are completed promptly and marked together as a class (with some questions picked out for clarification /misconceptions).