Music lessons in school are discreet and also linked to our creative curriculum topic work. Pupils have a weekly music lesson with a skilled music teacher and learning is progressive.

In our music lessons, pupils learn the technical aspects of music as well as how to play a variety of instruments.  Pupils use their voices/bodies expressively for areas such as rhythm, pitch and percussion and creatively by singing songs and chanting rhymes. Pupils learn the vocabulary of music to support knowledge and enhance performance. Music is used in a variety of lessons and activities to create, mood, atmosphere and to help thinking. We encourage listening to a wide range of music, including the works of great composers and musicians, with concentration and understanding.  Our pupils learn a brass instrument in Year 5 and a number of pupils have additional music lessons learning to play other instruments. Pupils are encouraged to play together and perform at concerts both in and out of school. Assemblies and historical topics provide an opportunity to practise singing songs linked to knowledge and learning. We have a successful school choir who perform in school and within the local community.

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Boneyard Rap

  The Great Gorillas had a lot of fun this week learning The Boneyard Rap by Wes Magee. We all performed different parts of the poem wearing skeleton masks and learnt about the bones in our body at the same time. We hope you...

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