Science is usually taught as a sequence of separate lessons but is also linked to our creative curriculum topic work where appropriate. Key scientific vocabulary is reinforced in each lesson and knowledge is built upon. Pupils are encouraged to work scientifically and carry out simple tests and experiments using equipment to gather and record data. Pupils learn about plants, animals including humans, materials, seasonal change, habitats, rocks, light, forces, states of matter, sound, electricity, earth and space. Termly trips enhance the delivery of our science curriculum such as visits to Eureka, Twycross Zoo, The National Space Centre and Magna. We also have dedicated science themed enhancements as part of our subject in the spotlight work.


What damages our teeth?

The Billionaires wanted to know what certain types of drinks would do to our teeth. We investigated cola, vinegar, orange juice, coffee, milk and water.   We used egg shells because they have a similar composition to the enamel...

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