Class 2

Great Gorillas!!

Our class identity in Year 2 is ‘The Great Gorillas’. We are named after a book written by the author Anthony Browne called ‘Gorilla’. In this story a little girl called Hannah is obsessed with gorillas and she longs to see a real gorilla at the zoo. Unfortunately her father is too consumed with work and has no time for her. Anthony Browne compares Hannah’s dad to a gorilla throughout the story.  Gorilla is one of the many texts written by Anthony Browne that we will be studying throughout the year. Other titles include:

Incy Wincy Winding Mechanisms

In our Design Technology lessons, we have been making characters from the nursery rhyme ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. As you know the spider goes up and down the drainpipe. Therefore, we have designed and made a winding...

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