Class 2

Great Gorillas!!

Our class identity in Year 2 is ‘The Great Gorillas’. We are named after a book written by the author Anthony Browne called ‘Gorilla’. In this story a little girl called Hannah is obsessed with gorillas and she longs to see a real gorilla at the zoo. Unfortunately her father is too consumed with work and has no time for her. Anthony Browne compares Hannah’s dad to a gorilla throughout the story.  Gorilla is one of the many texts written by Anthony Browne that we will be studying throughout the year. Other titles include:

Hansel and Gretel Short Films

This week we have continued our work based on the traditional tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We have spent time developing our computing skills by using a very exciting APP on the iPads. On Tuesday we used the APP called Adobe...

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