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Letter for Parents – Sept 2020

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Returning to school – advice for students and parents


On this page we hope to set out at much information as possible to help support our families and their children with the wider re-opening of school in September 2020 including arrangements for dropping off/collection.

Please note: this is an ever changing situation and we will have to review, adapt and update our practices regularly in light of new guidance from the Local Authority, PHE (Public Health England) and the Government. We really appreciate your help, support and patience during this challenging time.

These plans are subject to change and we will keep you updated if this should happen. We have tried to include as much information as possible.

Arrangements for the new Academic year – From Thursday 3rd September

School will open for all pupils on Thursday 3rd September at 8.45 am (8.40am Nursery.) with the exception of Reception. Reception parents please refer to the letter previously sent.

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With regards to PE kit, children should wear their normal PE kit wherever possible, but tracksuits are not restricted to school colours.



The government guidance states that all children are expected to be back in school in September and this will be mandatory.  The guidance also states that parents have a duty to ensure their child attends regularly at school and that the local authority can issue fixed penalty notices in line with their code of conduct.  

To support parents, guidance on our attendance procedures will be sent out in a separate email and from September, school will continue to monitor the attendance of pupils in accordance with our usual procedures.

Beginning and end of the school day 

In line with new guidance and for health and safety, we have a new routine for children arriving and leaving school at the beginning and end of the day.  Coloured bubble dots will be painted on the yard for each year group so each class knows where to wait.  The children will use the same dots to line up after break and lunchtimes.

All children will be collected from the yard in the morning by their class teacher or TA at 8.45am.  Parents will not be allowed in the school building for health and safety reasons but you can contact the school via email of phone if you have a query on any given day.

Top gate – Westwood New Road – Years 1 to 6

There will be a one way system in place for entering and exiting the school site. Parents and children please enter through the top gate and leave school through the double gate (adjacent to the top gate.)   Please arrive at 8.45am but not earlier.  For the safety of all, we would appreciate it if parents do not socially gather outside the school gates on Westwood New Road due to the volume of people arriving and leaving the site.  These gates will be locked at 9am promptly. It would be helpful if older children (Year 5 and Year 6) can enter and exit the site on their own but if parents wish to you can accompany your child. The same procedure applies for collecting your child.

Please see below re where your child’s year group will wait and enter and exit the school.

Year 1 – green dots – children enter and leave through the KS1 garden door near the top gate

Year 2 – white dots – children will enter and leave through the KS1 door to the right of the hall

Year 3 –orange dots – children will enter and leave through the KS2 door to the left of hall

Year 4 – blue dots – children will enter and leave through the Y4 class outer fire door

Year 5 – yellow dots – children will enter and leave through the Y5 class outer fire door

Year 6 – red dots – children will enter through Y6 class outer fire door


Bottom Gate – New Road – Early years – Nursery and Reception

Early Years parents and children will enter and exit school through the bottom New Road. Please take care parking your car if you are driving to school as the pavement here is very narrow. For the safety of all, we would appreciate it if parents do not socially gather outside the school gates on New Road due to parents arriving and leaving the site.

Reception parents and children- (including new Reception starters.) Mrs Hartley will be there to greet you on the EYFS playground on the green dots.  Please collect your child from the same area at the end of the day.  On the first 2 days, please arrive for 9am. Then at 8.45 from the following week.

Nursery parents and children – (including new Nursery starters) please arrive through the New Road gated entrance at 8.40am and follow the path. Mrs Terrell  will be there to greet you outside the Nursery building on the orange dots. Nursery parents please collect your child through this gate on the first day at the same entrance… New starter parents please come to the office if you are collecting your child earlier than the end of the morning session at the time you have agreed with Mrs Terrell in your phone call.


Equipment your child will need to bring.

Please ensure your child is in their school uniform and brings the following items:-

  • A water bottle
  • A book bag to keep their new reading book in.  (School book bags can be purchased from the school office.)
  • Packed lunch bag (unless having a school lunch – see below.)
  • A picnic blanket/ rug for your child to use if the class is working outdoors.
  • A set of coloured pencils (we want children to have a set each so if parents can help with this that would be great – thank you.)
  • PE kit – please see the school website uniform link. (Plain white or red t shirt and black shorts and pumps.)

 School will provide your child with a new home/school reading diary which must be looked after at home and returned to school daily. There are pages at the back to record when your child has read with you at home along with useful reading information to help you when you read with your child. 

Your child will also receive a new homework folder with their spelling grids in along with their   passwords for ‘My maths,’  ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ and the ‘Purple Mash’ online platform. If possible, under the current situation, please could you regularly wipe down your child’s book and homework file with an antibacterial spray or wipes.

 We have a school tuck shop where classes can buy wrapped healthy snack items.  The tuck shop funds help us to buy playtime equipment for the children.


School lunches/ breaktimes

Your child can choose to bring a packed lunch (no chocolates or sweets) or choose a school meal. Children will be able to choose from a sandwich, salad box or pasta box with a variety of fillings, accompanied with a salad and a variety of desserts.

Children will eat in the dining hall but in smaller numbers with their classes on their own class table which will be away from other classes. We have planned in staggered breaks and lunches so children will only play out with their class bubble in designated playground zoned areas for each year group.


Newsletter for your child from their new teacher

Finally, please look out for a special newsletter arriving to your email for your child from their new teacher via the class virtual learning emails in the last week of term. You and your child can write to your child’s new teacher at this email address.   If you need to contact school in the meantime do not hesitate to ring or email on the school email address from the website. Our year group virtual emails will also remain in place so you can contact your child’s new teacher into the next academic year. – Mrs Terrell – Mrs Hartley – Mrs Beevor and Miss Bennison – Mrs Chadburn and Mr Townsend – Mrs Cooper – Miss Phillips – Miss Hamilton – Miss Johnston


We look forward to having your child back in school at Tankerlsey St Peters and welcoming our new starters. We have really missed our children over the last few months and hoping we can return to some kind of normality. Have a lovely Summer break with your families and let’s hope there is more good weather to enjoy and happy times ahead. Stay safe and well.

 Kind regards,

Mrs Proctor-Blain and Tankersley St Peters staff