The Hungry Caterpillars and Shining Stars had great fun using their senses to explore a range of animals, insects and mini-beasts. They handled different creatures who would naturally live in the various layers of the Amazon Rainforest! The children had the opportunity to go on a Rainforest Adventure, demonstrating their own knowledge about the ‘canopy’ of the rainforest and ‘exoskeleton’ of the Hissing cockroach, for example. On the children’s adventure the first creature they met was Gary the Land Snail whose habitat would be on the dark, damp forest floor. He had 10,000 teeth and 2 noses, due to his poor eyesight! Living in the understory layer of the forest would be Edward the stick insect, who was such a keen herbivore! Zippy the hissing cockroach is actually capable of surviving freezer temperatures, fire and he can eat almost anything apart from bricks, metal, plastic, and glass! Pumpkin the orange, patterned corn snake is actually a constrictor snake! Finally the children met Flump the tree frog who was so mischievous, he kept trying to hop out of his tank! We would like to thank Stassia our Zoolab handler who was a wealth of information. She brought the whole Rainforest experience to life for us! The children learnt so much and were such a credit to Tankersley St Peter’s CE Primary school. Well done, everybody!