The Hungry Caterpillars enjoyed exploring their new toy shop role play area in Nursery. Customers have to identify the number on a toy’s price label and count out the correct number of penny coins to give to the shopkeeper. Shopkeepers also have to fill in order forms, answer the phone and order new toys on the computer. Customers can also look through toy catalogues and design a new toy for the shop. The shop has been very busy, but this is not a surprise when you find out that a teddy bear costs 7p, a robot costs 8p, a book costs 2p, a kaleidoscope costs 3p and a laptop costs 10p! 

The children have also brought ‘chatterboxes’ into Nursery. These boxes have been decorated and contain 5 special items of interest to show and talk about. The children have enjoyed chatting about their precious things (including toys, books, photographs, tiaras, games, medals etc.) during circle-time.