Rumble in the Jungle

Well done to all the children in the ‘Great Gorillas’. You have made a brilliant start to the new academic year!

In English we have enjoyed listening to and reciting poems about jungle animals. The children loved picking out the rhyming words and identifying the verbs and adjectives in the poems. In May when the children are tested they will have to know what a verb and adjective are.

E.g. High light the verb and the adjective in the sentence.

The brown monkey was jumping from tree to tree.

On Thursday the children had a go at writing their own poems about a lion, monkey or elephant. We have displayed these poems on large cut outs of monkeys which are going to hang from the ceiling in our classroom. So look out for the cheeky monkeys in Class 2 next week!!

Thank you to all the children who have completed some brilliant homework and brought it back on Monday. Also thank you to all those parents who heard their children read and recorded their comments or signature 3 or more times. Your children will be entered into the prize draw in Friday’s assembly!


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03

Class 2’s visit to Scarborough

On Monday we visited Scarborough. We enjoyed a wonderful morning on the beach. We built sandcastles with our buckets and spades and drew in the sand. We paddled in the sea and went rock pooling, Mrs Chadburn found a crab and Jacob found a baby crab. We also saw two small jellyfish in a pool. After we had played on the beach we all enjoyed an ice-cream, as you can see from the photos some of us got more ice-cream around our mouths than actually in our tummies! We played ball games on the grass and had lots of fun with Mr Townsend. At lunch time we picnicked on a grass banking over-looking the beach. Finally we visited the Sea life Centre and saw lots of really interesting sea creatures. All the children in Class 2 were very well behaved and a wonderful day was had by all!
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Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers

Thank you to all those children who contributed to our Grannie Gallery. There will soon be a display of all our wonderful Grandmas in the classroom.

Katie Morag delivers the mail

This week in our English lessons we have been reading the book – Katie Morag delivers the mail. In this story Katie falls into some water, soaking herself and five parcels. Consequently the address labels are smudged and Katie decides in hast to deliver them to the nearest doorsteps. We had lots of fun trying to help Katie in solving the dilemma. We also related our Maths work based on weight to the story. We carried out lots of practical activities where we had to weigh the five parcels and discover their weights in grams. We also had to find the difference in grams between the parcels before and after they were wet, in order to work out the weight gained from the water. Flynn, Oscar, Rudy and Jack also enjoyed weighing out sweets using a pan balance in order to restock Mr McColl’s sweet jars in the shop.

In our Geography work we located the Isle of Coll which the fictitious Isle of Struay is based on. If you have access to the internet you can go on a virtual tour of the island.


We have been growing potatoes over the past few weeks and on Tuesday we went outside and pulled them out of the soil. So on Wednesday we decided to use our produce to make a potato salad.

We have also been growing sweet peas; they are just beginning to germinate. We will be planting them in the school grounds.

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Forces in Y2

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The Gingerbread Man

Last week in English, Class 2 looked at the story of the Gingerbread Man. We then made our own gingerbread men and wrote a set of instructions explaining how to make the gingerbread. We had great fun baking and also had lots of fun eating our gingerbread men!

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03

Moving Toys

This week in our Science lesson we have been investigating how toys move.

We discussed the affect that a force has when applied to an object.

We practised moving the toys and described how they move.

For example: When pushed the toy car moved forward quickly then slowed down.


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03