Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 16.27.46At Tankerlsey we have a policy on media usage. All parents are asked to complete a media consent form to let the school know which types of media they would like their children to be involved in.

We recognise that parents like to have memories of their children’s school life and events (such as Nativities, school shows etc ) and we do not discourage parents from having momentos of these events. At events such as nativities and concerts, parents will be given the opportunity to photograph their own children after or before the concert. 

We do ask that parents are responsible and do not video or photograph other peoples children on school premises and/or upload these onto facebook or other social networking sites without parental permission. 

The safeguarding stance on this is that under the data protection act  the adult taking and then using the image is legally responsible for the outcomes.

Parents can help with this by ensuring they complete the media permissions form and to continue supporting the school in ensuring the children enjoy all the events the school arranges in addition to the curriculum.

If you need a media consent form follow the link below

Media Consent form