The Hungry Caterpillars- Proud Thursday Sparkle and Shine

Thank you to the Hungry Caterpillars for all your hard work this week.  I really enjoy looking at your videos, pictures and all the great activities you are doing at home and I am really proud of you all.

This week’s Proud Thursday Champion is is GB, a  Hungry Caterpillar who has been really enjoying his home learning.

Our learning focus has been on jungle/rainforest animals. He collected jungle/ rainforest themed books together to look at with his family. He became a very good presenter in an amazing ‘Bringing the Rainforest to us’ Twitter video documentary about the rainforest.

He is missing his special Nursery friend, so he wrote a lovely letter and drew a wonderful picture to post to him. He made his friend smile.

Well done to a very thoughtful and super friendly Caterpillar!

Mrs Terrell