Just a few pictures to show what a fantastic day we’ve had! We have loved our trip to Shakespeare’s Country. We started off in Shakespeare’s Birthplace and found out some amazing facts about Shakespeare’s childhood. Did you know the boys all shared a bed but the girls had to sleep on the floor? How unfair!

From this, we went down to the Waterside and enjoyed a two-hour session with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The Famous Fives were led through an interactive drama workshop about ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. We had some hilarious moments as the children took on the roles of Titania, Oberon, Bottom and many more of the characters.

As we all know… “The course of true love never did run smooth!”

Thank you to each and every one of the Famous Fives. Their politeness and kindness did not go unnoticed and we even had members of the public commenting on their attitude and behaviour around Stratford. Well done. 

I think we’ll all sleep well tonight!