Stay Safe Get Active Flyer

Over the past few months we have seen a lot of changes, but not all of these changes have been negative ones! We are doing more exercise, we’re going out for walks and bike rides and we are seeing a lot less cars on the road. Because of this, some cities have seen a decrease of nitrogen oxide levels of up to 60% meaning the air we breathe is a lot cleaner and local wildlife is now thriving.

In the not so distant future, lockdown will lift and things will start to re-open, and we will be faced with a choice; do we want things to be exactly as they were before, or do we want to continue making these positive changes.

To help encourage these positive changes South Yorkshire STARS are promoting the #staysafegetactivecampaign and would like you to enter their latest competition. What they would like you to do is to write a poem or a story, or create a poster or comic strip to help show the recent positive changes we have made during lockdown in the hope that people will continue to make these changes well after lockdown is over. Winning entries could also be published in to a new book that is being made!

All the information you need is on the flyer i have attached. Good luck everyone!

Mr Hough