This week, children in Reception have been excited to explore the new hardware role-play area (in response to their interests in construction and building). They have been planning and designing new house builds, making telephone calls, collecting equipment and working as team members to measure in a variety of ways. The store continues to develop as catalogues and leaflets, masks and tools are put to use.

In our R.E learning, the children have listened to and discussed the Creation Bible story, sequencing the days of the week and responding to the story by writing prayers and drawing pictures of their favourite parts.

The Tankersley Pet shop is also established in class, as the children continue to explore maths vocabulary and concepts around individual coins, addition, more, less and totals. The children have enjoyed talking about prices of different pets in the book ‘The Great Pet Sale.’

In the continuous provision there has been some super child initiated learning as a group of children set about creating shoes for their own shoe factory. They drew around the outlines of their feet and created pairs of shoes out of cardboard. During this co-operative play, the children were negotiating and developing their narrative, which then became a fascination about how many pairs of shoes/individual shoes they had made. Lots of learning about sizes, pairs, counting and development of sustained shared thinking! 

Well done everybody!