morning routines letter oct 2019

I am writing to you regarding the start of the school day. I am pleased to report that most of our children are arriving into class ontime. Below is a reminder about our proceedures for the start of the school day:

  • The school will open at 8.45am – pupils will need to be in their class to start their learning by 9.00a.m. at the latest.

  • Nursery gate will open at 8.35 a.m.

  • All parents should have left the building by 9.00a.m. The site manager will secure school

    premises and lock all gates at 9.00a.m

  • Any pupils arriving after this time must report to the front reception desk through the main school


  • The register will close at 9.00a.m. Any pupils arriving after this time will be recorded as a Late – L

    – in the register.

    I would like to emphasise the importance of parents not entering the classroom unless necessary, and if they do need to enter that they leave promptly. This encourages independence with our pupils and the school day can then be started on time at 9am with minimum distruption to teaching and learning. For EYFS pupils, we appreciate parents will wish to settle their child before leaving.

    Thank you for your co-operation. Yours faithfully

    Mrs J Procter-Blain