Thank you to Naomi and Yvette for attending the meeting.

  1. No new members attended. We discussed options to encourage more parents to take an active role in the parent group. Possibly appointing a parent representative for each class. Shelly agreed to manage schools official Facebook account and add events. Naomi, to request admin on parent face book account.
  2. Gold event, requires parents to help sell raffle tickets for the scooter raffle.
  3. Christmas fair: this year is a Christmas craft fair. There will be refreshments and a raffle. We require donations of raffle prizes. Parent support required to sell tickets. Also, would like donations of cakes.
  4. AOB: Agreed to hold another fashion show this coming year – in the spring, Possibly 26th June. Naomi to book with the same company as last year.
  5. AOB: Agreed to hold another summer disco, possibly also a valentines disco. Agreed to do glitter tattoos for the children and also a tuck shop. However, we would like to have a different DJ. Naomi/Yvette to follow up.
  6. AOB: Funding focus for this year. We discussed various options for our fundraising efforts: Planetarium, markings for scooter lunchtime session, a new parachute. We would like to discuss this further at the next meeting.
  7. AOB: At the next meeting, we need to re-establish roles within the group.
  8. AOB: At the next meeting, we will discuss further fundraising opportunities.