This week we visited Eureka, the National Children’s Science Museum. When we arrived the children were all very excited and eager to explore. The first exhibition that we visited was the ‘All About Me’ gallery. The children were introduced to Zoom the robot, who explained what the gallery was all about. The children measured their height, weight and how far they could stretch and stride. They also learnt about teeth and climbed inside a huge mouth and even found a wobbly tooth! Dressing up opportunities were a massive hit with all the children, they enjoyed pretending to be a dentist, doctor, nurse and a patient. The gallery enriched the children’s learning about the human body and the senses. They all loved climbing inside the model of a nose and surfing on a massive tongue.

The children loved watching ‘The Gross Lab Science Show’ where they were given the opportunity to explore the ‘ickier’ side of the human body. The children discovered what happens when you cut yourself, what saliva is for, why we burp (and poop) as well as making fake poo, snot and sick!

The visit was a great success with many children saying that they would love to visit again with their families. Class 2 were a credit to Tankersley Primary School as their behaviour was brilliant.