It all began when the Shining Stars found a block of ice with a small key inside it. Where did it come from? Which door would the key fit? The children were then  busy writing down their ideas about the mystery key.

Meanwhile there was another exciting discovery! A tiny elf door was spotted on the trunk of our Silver  Birch tree.  The Hungry Caterpillars  could not believe their eyes. They soon set about trying to find the tiny key, which would unlock the elf door. All of the children created pictures, maps and letters, which they attached to the tree, in the hope  that the elves would look at them. The following day, the children’s wishes came true, as a letter appeared from ‘Excited Elf.’

Please read the letter to find out more…

The Hungry Caterpillars have decided to plan a party for the Elf family and the Shining stars want to write a story book about our elf adventures. They then plan to read these aloud to the younger children.