We have focused on a lovely book called ‘ The Family Book’ by Todd Parr this week. It celebrates all kinds of families and shows how each is special in its own way. It helped us to celebrate diversity and it made us laugh!  Our craft activity has been to design our own T shirt linked to the themes and learning in our special book. The children have used fabric pens to create fabulous designs depicting  different smiley faces, love hearts and lots of kisses.
We have talked a lot about how important it is to be kind to each other in our circle time. We also know that ‘sharing is caring,’ we use our kind hands/feet and that we are all friends together. We have used 1Decision on our Smartboard to learn more about Anti-Bullying Week and decided that if anyone is making bad choices by hurting us by kicking, pushing or calling us mean names we should tell a grown up and not keep it to ourselves. Talking about a problem really helps.