Dear Parent/Carer,


On Tuesday 4thApril, Dr Bike will be in school so children, parents and teachers who cycle to school on that day can have their bikes checked for free!

This is not a full service, but a safety check of brakes, wheels, handlebars, saddles and pedals. Dr Bike should be able to mend punctures and oil chains, but the only parts that can be replaced are brake pads and brake cables – if anything else on your bike is missing or broken then you may need to take it to a shop. If I need to make any adjustments, I will attach a slip to the bike, detailing what I have done and any further work required. Priority will be given to children’s bikes, but adult’s bikes left at the school may be checked if there is time. If you want your bike looking at, please leave it unlocked. If you leave the lock open on the bike I can lock it back up when I’m done.

If I find Gyro brakes that have seized up, and if I have time, I will bypass the Gyro system with a conventional cable. If you don’t want me to do this to your child’s bike, either ask them not to ride to school on that day or leave a note on the bike asking me not to do anything to it. I would strongly urge you to consider having the work done as it will mean your child will be safer on their bicycle. *See below for an explanation of Gyro brakes.

Remember – cycling is fun, healthy and doesn’t clog up the roads!

See you there,



*A lot of BMXs have what is called a Gyro, which is the system that allows the handlebars to turn a complete 360° rotation without the brake cables getting tangled up. This is designed for freestyle riders who want to do tricks involving 360° bar spins. Very few primary school children will be able to do this. The problem with the Gyro is that it involves an awful lot more cabling than a conventional set up and lets in rain water much more easily. This means much more friction and rusty cables. As a result, Gyro brakes rarely work as well as a conventional set up, and often don’t work at all. We find that Gyro brakes on children’s bikes are particularly dangerous for this reason.