Well done to all the children in the ‘Great Gorillas’. You have made a brilliant start to the new academic year!

In English we have enjoyed listening to and reciting poems about jungle animals. The children loved picking out the rhyming words and identifying the verbs and adjectives in the poems. In May when the children are tested they will have to know what a verb and adjective are.

E.g. Highlight the verb and the adjective in the sentence.

The brown monkey was jumping from tree to tree.

On Thursday the children had a go at writing their own poems about a lion, monkey or elephant. We have displayed these poems on large cut outs of monkeys which are going to hang from the ceiling in our classroom. So look out for the cheeky monkeys in Class 2 next week!!

Thank you to all the children who have completed some brilliant homework and brought it back on Monday. Also thank you to all those parents who heard their children read and recorded their comments or signature 3 or more times. Your children will be entered into the prize draw in Friday’s assembly!