Here are our amazing pupil councillors. They are there to represent our school in many ways. We have 4 core councillors who are… about to be elected, more news soon.


  • Runs meetings and leads discussions
  • Helps prepare the agenda
  • Talks to teachers and governors about what the school council thinks and its ideas for new activities
  • Makes sure all council members are actively involved                              


Vice Chairperson

  • Keeps in touch with all class Representatives
  • Make sure that everyone who agrees to do something do actually does it
  • Leads meetings if the Chairperson is away


  • Takes notes(minutes) at meetings
  • Helps to prepare the agenda
  • Makes sure everyone knows when the meetings are
  • Keeps all notes safely in the minutes book



  • Looks after the school councils money
  • Writes reports on how much money has been spent, what it has been spent on and how much is left

The council meet at least once a half term with Mrs Proctor-Blain and the agenda is planned by the core council.

Each councillor is in charge of a school subject and is the lead person for deciding things related to the subject in school.

The council also supports with whole school events and fundraisers. Our treasurer is in charge of the money and has a budget to manage.