Year 5&6 Tag Rugby Tournament 

On Friday 31st March we took our year 5&6 Tag Rugby team to Birdwell primary school to take part in the annual Tag Rugby tournament. This was a tournament we had come close to winning In the past, but we had never gone all the way. After many weeks of after school training our team was finally ready, and all of the children were really excited to be taking part, and for some it was their first ever time playing Rugby! All the way throughout the tournament the children were playing extremely well and we managed to finish the group stages without losing a single game. This meant that we had secured a place in the semi final. With the final in sight, the entire team worked together to secure a win and a place in the last stage of the tournament. Every single player was putting in 100% of there effort and it was showing! After a close fought final, Tankersley St. Peter’s Tag Rugby team had come out victorious with winners medals and the all important trophy! A big massive well done to all of the players involved from both Jake and Nathan! 
Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.38.03

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