Y5&6 Boys Football Team Take 6 Points!

On Friday 1st March our year 5&6 boys football team travelled to Hoyland Common Primary School to play two more of our football league matches. After taking 3 points away from the last two games the boys were ready to go again to try and get some more points on the board. Our first game of the afternoon was against Greenfield Primary, and the boys were eager for a win after only being able to secure a draw last season. Luckily this time around everything fell in our favour, and with both of our goals coming from well worked free kicks, the team came away with a very convincing 2-0 win and three points on the board.

The second game of the afternoon was against Hoyland common primary school and this time around the boys had to dig much deeper to get a result. The game was a stalemate for the first 20 minutes, and at this point everyone thought that both teams would walk away with a point, however, after a first time shot from one of our boys managed to find its way over the Hoyland common goalkeepers head and in to the back of the net, the win was finally in reach. After defending the lead for what seemed to be a lifetime, the final whistle went and the 3 points were ours.

A big congratulations to all who took part and a big thank you to Hoyland Common and Greenfield for two brilliant games of football!

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Unfortunately on Friday 1st February our football league matches against Birdwell and Jump were cancelled due to the bad weather, but did that stop us? Of course not! Our year 5 and 6 boys football team took the afternoon out to take part in our very own mini football tournament in the school hall. The boys had so much fun, and we are hoping that it can be something we do more often in the near future.

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Boccia Winners!

We would like to say a big massive congratulations to the 6 children that attended the annual Boccia competition at Hoyland Common Primary School. We had a great afternoon out at the event that was made even better by our children managing to come away with first place and a medal each! A huge well done from Nathan and everyone at the school, and a big thank you to Hoyland Common for a great afternoon of Boccia! 
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Cricket With Sam!

This week we have been lucky enough to have Sam Drury come in to our school to work with children in year 3 and year 4. Sam is a fully qualified cricket coach so he is able to teach the children all about the game and show them lots of amazing new skills. Everyone who took part in the lesson with Sam came away with nothing but positive reviews and they all say that they can’t wait for next weeks session. Sam will be with year 3 and 4 for another two week in lesson time as well as running the after school cricket club.
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Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and are ready for another half term full of sports! This half term classes will be looking at a variety of things in PE, from cricket to badminton, from volleyball to multi skills and so much more. We also have a half term full of sports competitions that you may be lucky enough to be able to take part in. And on top of all this we have our two new exciting clubs that are starting straight away so make sure you remember to come to these if you have got yourself a place! 
Let’s have another fantastic half term!
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Sports Competitions This Half Term

This half term, we have been extremely busy here at Tankersley as we have been taking part in a variety of different sporting events within the Hoyland Sports Partnership. We started off the half term with three different cross country events, which were held at Birdwell Primary School and Springwood Primary School. The first event saw our team of 8 year 5 and 6 cross country runners do extremely well, which we then followed up with another fantastic effort from our year 1 and 2 runners, and finally another great run from our team of year 3 and 4 runners. A massive well done to all of our cross country runners on behalf of everyone at Tankersley School.

Another exciting event we took part in this half term was the year 3 and 4 hockey tournament at Springwood Primary School which we managed to finish 3rd in, so another hugecongratulations to our 8 hockey players that took part. 

I would like to finish off with one last congratulations to every single child that has been out with Nathan to take part in a sporting event this half term, and we are looking forward to many more exciting events for children to take part in next half term.

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