Welcome to Tankersley St. Peter’s Primary School Foundation Stage.


Our Foundation Stage begins when children reach the age of three (FS1) and continues through to Reception (FS2). We have a 26 place nursery offering 5 morning sessions, 5 afternoon sessions or full days. Additional sessions may be purchased to suit your family needs. Doors open at 8.45a.m.
Morning session 8.50 a.m.-11.50a.m.
Afternoon session 12.25 p.m.-3.25p.m.

We provide a safe, secure and caring environment for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow. We offer stimulating indoor and outdoor learning opportunities which encourage children to: make choices, practice and build up ideas, concepts and skills, take risks and make mistakes, think creatively and imaginatively, learn to share and cooperate with others and become increasingly independent in their work and play. All children have the opportunity to develop in all 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum through activities that are planned around the individual needs and interests of the child. As children grow we encourage them to become independent learners and activities are offered that may become a little more challenging. However, the emphasis is always on learning through play and having fun!

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Finding the way

This week the children in Nursery have been learning about maps. We listened to a story about two dinosaurs finding their way to a friend’s house by using a map. Afterwards, we looked more closely at maps and then made our own maps in the creative area. 

We found out about pirates using maps to find out where to dig for buried treasure. This inspired us to make our own treasure maps (where X marks the spot), go on treasure hunts, dig for treasure in the sand and steer a pirate ship. 

A Jolly (Roger) good time was had by all!

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Happy Father’s Day

It is a special day for dads this Sunday , so the Nursery children have been thinking about their dads. At carpet time the children came out to the front to hold ‘Listening Bear’  and tell everyone why they love their dads.  Sophia said, “I love my daddy because he always gives me hugs and kisses.  I like to go to the playground and do back flips with him!”  Madeleine said, “ I love my daddy because he is a good cook and makes lovely scrambled eggs, beans on toast and pasta!.” Jason said, “ I love my daddy because he plays snap, hide and seek and football with me.” Sophie said, “ I love my daddy because he cuts up my sandwich!.” Poppy said, “ I love my daddy because he takes me on walks with my doggy and makes me breakfast.” Myah said, “ I love my daddy because we go for walks in the woods.” Noah said, “I love my daddy because he makes better pancakes than mummy!”

We have been listening to stories about fathers, drawing pictures of our dads and we have been making  special cards in the creative area.

Happy Father’s Day to dads and Grandads everywhere!

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A Slimy, Slithery Visit from Zoolab!

Nursery and Reception have been learning about different animals and their habitats. This week the focus is on tropical rain forests. Barry, from ‘Zoolab,’ came to visit and brought in a selection of rain forest animals for us to meet, stroke , touch and learn about. We met Deidrie the snail, Tracey the tarantula, Michelle the millipede , Gary the gheko and Sophie the snake! The children asked really good questions and found out lots of interesting information about rain forest animals.

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Pets and Vets

 The nursery children have been learning about caring for animals and looking after our pets. Our role play area is now a vets and we have enjoyed dressing up as a vet and performing operations on poorly pet animals!
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Play Dough Disco!

We have a ‘Funky Fingers’ challenge table in both Nursery and Reception , where the children enjoy a variety of daily activities that promote their fine motor skills. The children also enjoy the play dough disco in class. The disco is a fun way to increase gross motor and fine motor skills- strengthening those shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and fingers as well as improving co-ordination. All of these activities assist children’s abilities in a range of learning areas, being of particular importance in their writing and artistic development.

This week we invited parents and carers to join in with our disco. We all enjoyed an energetic physical workout with balls of play dough and awesome music!

Afterwards, bags of play dough and play dough recipes were given out, so that everyone could continue the disco fun at home!

Please have a look at the 10 play dough disco moves on our photos and our VIMEO video!

We must say a MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Flannery for making all the play dough!

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Happy Easter!

This week in Nursery we have been listening to the Easter story in the Bible. Madeleine told Mrs Terrell afterwards that the “sad bit was when Jesus died when the soldiers put him on the cross and the happy bit was when God made him alive again.”

We thought about ‘new life’ by making a chick Easter card and we made chocolate Easter nests and eggs in our kitchen.

The Easter Bunny visited us in Nursery and left muddy footprints on our floor and carrots in the sandpit! We enjoyed hunting for the eggs he had hidden . He also left us a basket of chocolate treats for us to take home.


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