Welcome to Tankersley St. Peter’s Primary School Foundation Stage.


Our Foundation Stage begins when children reach the age of three (FS1) and continues through to Reception (FS2). We have a 26 place nursery offering 5 morning sessions, 5 afternoon sessions or full days. Additional sessions may be purchased to suit your family needs. Doors open at 8.45a.m.
Morning session 8.50 a.m.-11.50a.m.
Afternoon session 12.25 p.m.-3.25p.m.

We provide a safe, secure and caring environment for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow. We offer stimulating indoor and outdoor learning opportunities which encourage children to: make choices, practice and build up ideas, concepts and skills, take risks and make mistakes, think creatively and imaginatively, learn to share and cooperate with others and become increasingly independent in their work and play. All children have the opportunity to develop in all 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum through activities that are planned around the individual needs and interests of the child. As children grow we encourage them to become independent learners and activities are offered that may become a little more challenging. However, the emphasis is always on learning through play and having fun!

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Remember, remember the 5th of November

The Nursery children returned after the half term holiday excited and eager to talk about their Bonfire Night experiences. Pippa said, ” I saw fireworks and there was banging. I had a lollipop and a sausage!” Winter said, ” We had a bonfire in our garden and we had sparklers.”  Matilda said, ” I felt happy because I saw the fireworks. I went to two bonfires with mummy, daddy and Violet, but the dogs weren’t there. I’ve got two dogs!” Elijah said, “My daddy’s fireworks went whoosh into the sky!”

We found out about why we celebrate Bonfire Night by using  books and our Smartboard. We made fabulous, glittery firework pictures in our creative area and learned a great Bonfire Night song to sing around a pretend bonfire. It has been a busy, sparkly start to this half term.

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Autumn Leaves are Falling Down

The Nursery children have been learning about the season of Autumn.

We observed the changing colours of the leaves on the tree in our outdoor play area and noticed the leaves falling off the tree. The tree inspired us to use Autumn leaves to print with and create our own Autumn display.

We learned a song about Autumn leaves falling down and went for a walk around our school to collect leaves to use in our collages and to put on our investigation table. We used magnifying glasses to look carefully at conkers, acorns and the amazing colours on different types of leaves.  We also used conkers and acorns in our maths work by counting and sorting them.

We enjoyed finding out about the changes we can see during this beautiful, spectacular season!


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Children in Nursery and Reception have listened to a Charlie and Lola story, ‘One Thing.’ This book contains huge amounts of mathematical concepts and vocabulary, whilst relating to everyday fascinations. All of the children were involved in identifying their own maths interests within the book. They created fantastic large scale posters! Please take a look below. The children’s learning culminated in our Open Morning. Nursery, Reception and the Outdoor areas were full of exciting activities. These included:

  • Repeating pattern fruit kebabs
  • Biscuit decorating/counting
  • Measuring our heights and comparing to Charlie and Lola’s heights
  • Estimating and counting the number of sweets in a jar
  • Outdoor goal scoring / tally chart recording 
  • Charlie and Lola object / tally chart hunts
  • Counting the number of pegs to match the numerals
  • B-bot programming along a route plan
  • and much much more………………….

We are so proud of the wonderful learning that took place.

Thank you to our Year 6 Maths Ambassadors who supported us greatly in our explorations of mathematics.

Thank you also for the continued support from our families and community. A fun time was had by all!

A massive thank you to all of the Early Years staff and students who have been planning and resource collecting for this event.

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Run, run, as fast as you can…

The Nursery children have enjoyed listening to the traditional story, ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and joining in with the repeated refrain, ‘run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!’

Afterwards, we enjoyed taking part in different gingerbread man related activities, such as designing our own gingerbread man, putting on a puppet show, completing a gingerbread man jigsaw, sequencing story picture cards, baking gingerbread and , of course, eating a gingerbread man! Yum, Yum!

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Early Years Maths Workshop : Thursday 12th October 2017

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This half term’s enquiry question: WHY IS IT GOOD TO BE ME?

Reception class children have settled really well into their new class and have had great fun exploring their indoor and outdoor learning environments.

They have been busy painting self-portraits and talking about themselves and their families. The children have enjoyed adding home and school learning 

to their ‘Ideas and Interests’ working wall as well as asking questions about the world around them.

The children have explored our school forest area and looked for signs of Autumn; sketching what they have seen, drawing and labelling pictures and taking I-pad photographs of interesting leaves, trees and other natural objects. The children’s ‘Maths Everywhere’ working display is also developing well as they add their ideas and thinking about different aspects of maths. There has been lots of numicon investigating alongside our EYFS assistants (Key Stage 2 pupils) as well as recognising and ordering numerals. Super role-play and conversations have been taking place across the setting but particularly in the mud kitchen and ‘Tankersley Shoe Shop.’ 

What a fantastic start to the new term! Well done everybody!

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