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Parents newsletter 16.7.18

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5 minute Zone leaflet

We have distributed this leaflet to all parents and carers of Tankersley primary. We are suggesting new parking spaces for your drop off and collection times.

Our aim is: For parents to ‘park and stride’ the remaining 5 minutes of your journey.

We hope: to reduce cars and pollution. Keep our pupils safe and healthy.

Congratulations to Rebecca Durrans for designing the winning leaflet.

We appreciate all your support for this project. Thank you.

Dear Local residents,

Attached is a leaflet, which has been made by our pupils in class 5.

They have been involved in a new project:

5 minute ‘Park and Stride’ Zone.

They have been working with PWLC, to designate new, suggested parking areas for parents and carers. This is for both drop off and collection times.

We are asking parents and carers to park 5 minutes away from school  and either walk / scooter / cycle the remaining 5 minutes to school.

How does this help Tankersley and the local residents?

  • Reduces the number of cars at school, which supports our local residents.
  • Increases the safety of our pupils.
  • Reduces pollution and saves energy.
  • Pupil’s fitness is improved.
  • Pupil’s health and wellbeing is improved.

We hope you support our commitment to improving parent and carer parking in the area surrounding Tankersley Primary.

We aim for pupils to travel to school safely, to help our local environment and improve health and well-being.


Mrs Lack

Road safety co-ordinator


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The Blinks are coming to Tankersley St Peter C of E Primary School!

Andrea Chatten is a Children’s Emotional & Behavioural Psychologist and has been working with children for over 25 years.  Her current venture is developing a series of page turning novels for children to enjoy, each one covering an emotional area.  There are currently five books in the series covering Worry/Anxiety, Anger, Self-esteem, Sadness and Shy with Love to follow. The Blinks books offer a subtle understanding of different emotions but more importantly lots of ways to manage these feelings at difficult times all wrapped up in a gripping story.

Andrea is coming into school on Monday 18th June 2018 to share The Blinks, in an assembly. If you would like to pre-order then a signed copy can be purchased for £9.99. Copies will also be available on the day and Andrea is happy to hang around for a while at the end of the school day and sign any copies if requested. Supportive Reference Manuals for parents, carers and professionals will also be available at £9.99 and accompany each novel.

For more information, visit where they are available in paperback. To have a peek inside the books, have a look on Amazon, where they are also available in Kindle version.

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Learn to Ride Get Off Stabilisers Sessions for Y1/Y2

permission slip and full letter

Thursday 24th May 2018

As part of your school’s involvement with the Active Travel project, I am offering 3 sessions to teach children in years 1 & 2 how to ride their bikes without stabilisers on 24.5.18 The sessions will last about 75 minutes and in that time I’m confident that I can have most children well on their way to riding without stabilisers. Each session will have a maximum of 7 participants and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Learning to ride without stabilisers can be daunting for children, so it’s important that at least one parent/carer is there to help give them some confidence. This session isn’t just about teaching the children, it’s also about giving you as parents the skills to carry on teaching them how to safely ride without stabilisers.

Parents are asked to attend early to be briefed on what is expected from them along with checking the bikes to see if they are suitable. Please meet in the school entrance. There will be three sessions taking place. If you would like your child to participate in this session please fill in the consent form below and return it to the school by Friday 18th May. If you have any questions please speak to Mrs Lack, your school’s Active Travel Champion, or contact me on 01226 772121 / 07804541446

It is important that all bikes should be in good working order. Any child, whose bike is not considered to be safe, will, I’m afraid, be unable to take part. This means your childs bike must be built correctly and have two fully functioning brakes. Your child should also be able to touch the floor, if they can’t then then they will struggle to take part.  Please make sure your child has a correctly fitted cycle helmet.

The method used for this session is to use the children’s bikes as ‘balance bikes’, which means removing the pedals for the first half of the session until the children have first learned to balance. If you can remove your child’s stabilisers and pedals before the session that would be a huge help. (Pedals both undo towards the back of the bike) Bring them with you in a bag so I can put them back on when they’re needed.

Kind regards,

David Atherton (STARS South Yorkshire, Active Travel Officer)



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