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Road safety week 2017

This week our school focus is Road safety. Each class will further their knowledge on how to keep safe while travelling to school. Sustainable travel is so important, by choosing an active mode of travel you are helping to save the planet from excessive pollution, keeping fit and reducing  the number of cars outside school. This all helps to keep our pupils safe. 

This week the JRSO’s launched a competition: To create a comic strip for our Road safety character ‘Super star’. Can you create a fun comic strip showing how Superstar can encourage active travel and reduce pollution? Entries to be handed in to the school office by Monday. Don’t forget to add your name and class to your entry. Good luck!
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Road safety week 2017 – GIST lorry

Gist lorries came to our school, for road safety week. They brought with them a huge lorry and an electric car. The children had the chance to experience what it feels like to stand next to the lorry and to learn about the lorries blind spots (of which there are many!). They also learnt about stopping distances and how to keep their distance from these huge and dangerous vehicles. For the first time at Tankersley, the children also had the chance to hear ( or not!) how quiet an electric car is and to know that you can’t rely on hearing vehicles, it is really important to stop, LOOK and listen. Thank you to GIST for giving up their time, to help educate our pupils and keep them safe.

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Tankersley – The best school in Barnsley!

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We attended a very special presentation on Friday 17th November, as Tankersley were nominated for a Modeshift stars NATIONAL award. Three pupils from class 6 represented our school in Leeds, for the presentation. There was stiff competition from other schools in the borough, but they think Tankersley are the best in Barnsley. Our success is due to all the Road safety activities organised in school and also for the change of travel from our parents and children. We have seen a decrease in families arriving by car and an increase in more sustainable travel. Well done Tankersley!

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Anti Bullying Week…

Dear Parents/Carers,                                                          

This week is Anti-Bullying week and the theme this year is ‘All different, All Equal.’

This is organised by the Anti-bullying Alliance and its aims are:

  1. To support pupils in understanding that we can celebrate our differences and similarities whilst giving a strong emphasis on equality for all. It encourages individual and collective action against bullying.
  2. To help Parents and Carers to support children with issues related to bullying and working with schools to stop bullying.
  3. To help all Teachers and Support staff / Youth workers to value the difference that their actions and attitudes can make to a child’s life and prevent bullying.

All of the above aims are to create a safe environment for all children to thrive.

At Tankersley St Peter’s Primary School we are taking part in a range of school and class activities. These activities include creating badges with Anti-Bullying symbols and messages on them. Each class will be looking at all/parts of the book: ’We Are All Born free.’ They will be taking part in class discussions about each others’ rights and responsibilities; drawing up a class charter to display in class, which will then be referred to in daily school life. Video clips will be taken of class discussions and there will be a big focus on our ‘Philosophy For Children’ strategies, with links being made to Global issues.


We are also devoting our Sparkle and Shine assembly to show case our learning. There will be a video and thought provoking activities as well as our Bullying Intervention BIG AWARD certificates to present. Our Award recognises the work that pupil’s and adults have put into their Anti-Bullying ethos, policies and strategies across school.


Pupils will fill in Anti-Bullying questionnaires and an Anti-Bullying steering group will also be formed, involving different voices in the school and community. Its aim is to evaluate continually the effectiveness of our Anti-Bullying strategies in an ever changing world.  

If you require any further details, please visit:

                                                           Thank you for your continued support,

                                                            Mrs Hartley (PHSCE Co-ordinator)

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Keeping safe at Crucial Crew…

Today we visited Crucial Crew and took part in many different scenarios where we learnt how to keep ourselves safe. We attended a court room, went to the internet cafe to talk about keeping safe online and cyber bullying, learnt some basic first aid, visited a park to find out more about stranger danger and also found out about the dangers of arson.

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