Headteacher’s welcome message:

Father God Through you, Help us to develop A love of learning, To aim high and have self belief, To cherish our community, To care for and respect one another In your name we pray. Amen


Thank you for showing an interest in our school.  At Tankersley St Peter’s Primary School we are passionate about making sure the children are given the best possible start to their education and we will do everything we can to help your child succeed here with us.

We all share the same vision for our children; wanting them to feel valued members of the school community and to achieve their full potential,  ‘to have a love of learning in a distinctively Christian environment.’

We have a clear set of school aims. We want your children to aim high and have an abundance of self belief; encourage them to  have enquiring minds and enterprising ideas. We instil a strong community spirit, which is based on mutual respect for one another.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website as there is never a dull day at Tankersley. We are committed to ensuring our website reflects the vibrancy of school life. 

The class blogs celebrate the wonderful learning happening daily in our classrooms and subject blogs showcase some of our wider opportunities such as our global schools work and excellence in music.

We also have a VIMEO video site which you can click on from our website to access our school videos – nobody needs to miss out on our amazing learning!

For instant updates and up to the minute information – please log on to our website home page for instant news in the ‘post it’ note section. If you have a facebook account you can create a link to this for instant updates from your phone.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to find our about our school. We are very proud of our school community; if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best wishes,

Mrs Jayne Procter-Blain

Head Teacher

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A letter from the Prime Minister…


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Top of the class…

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Happy New Year!

Welcome back to Class One, this term we are having  a HUGE push on reading. We are lucky enough to have fabulous reading volunteers that come into school to listen to the children read, in addition we listen to the children read every week during their Guided Reading session. However, we would also like your help.

If you are a parent, please could you find the time to read with your child at least three times a week. It doesn’t have to be the whole book and you can be as inventive as you like about the location (We would love to see pictures!!) If you are a member of Class One then ask your parent or carer to listen to you read. Maybe they could read you your favourite story afterwards. Remember, if you read 3 times in 1 week you will receive a reading token. Good luck, I hope you enjoy reading as much as we do. 

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Welcome back Y5 !  Hope you had as good break.

This week we have started one looking at one of my favourite poems – The Highwayman.

We have started to learn parts of it from memory, studied the poem’s structure and met a couple of the characters.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about this classic story over the coming weeks.

Keep writing …..

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Happy New Year!!

What are we going to be learning this half term?

In the first half term our topic is ‘Marvellous Medicine’ (with a focus on the human body and the senses).

Sense of Sight

During our English lessons this week we have been learning how to use a dictionary and alphabetical order to locate a word and then find its definition. We have also been learning about our sense of sight and how we see. We have carried out a variety of activities this week to deepen our understanding. We have completed a reading comprehension about the eye and created some wonderful collages of our eyes. In our extended writing session we wrote chronological reports. We even have an opticians in our role play area!!!

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This week in Y4


English:  This week we have been exploring the world through the eyes of a beautiful Egyptian princess, Heb-Nefert.  We have described her character and examined the text carefully looking for adjectives, verbs, nouns and adverbs.
Find out more about Heb-Nefert at:

Maths: We have enjoyed learning more about multiplication – and in particular the Commutative Song – “flip flop go the factors”!!
If you would like to practice this at home the link is here:

We learnt about the development of the Egyptian civilisation and why the River Nile is so important to the Egyptians.   We know the Egyptian period is separated into the old, middle and new eras.  We can describe some uses of the River Nile.
This photo from space shows how the River Nile dominates the country of Egypt and its settlements.

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Thank you Santa!

The Nursery children were visited by Santa at our Christmas party and on Christmas Eve because they have been good boys and girls! In circle time this week we have been telling everyone about our favourite present from Santa. We found out that Santa delivered a whale that shoots water, a robot, a cuddly puppy, a blue bike, a racing track, Peppa Pig, a fairy garden, a teddy bear and “everything!” Afterwards, we made a thank you letter to send to Santa by cutting out pictures of our presents from a catalogue or drawing pictures of them and writing our names and lots of kisses! During ‘Show and Tell’ we showed our favourite presents and talked about why we loved them so much. We decided that it is  important to say ‘THANK YOU SANTA!’

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Our enquiry question: What makes it Winter?

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