Headteacher’s welcome message:

Father God Through you, Help us to develop A love of learning, To aim high and have self belief, To cherish our community, To care for and respect one another In your name we pray. Amen



Thank you for visiting our school website.  At Tankersley St Peter’s Primary School we all share the same vision for our children; helping  them to feel valued members of our school community and to  ‘to have a love of learning in a distinctively Christian environment.’

We have a clear set of school aims. We encourage our children to aim high and have an abundance of self belief;  through our creative curriculum, we develop enquiring minds and inspire children with enterprising ideas. We also instil a strong sense of community spirit, which is based on mutual respect for one another. Our children are encouraged to love one  another through our church family of St Peters and we encourage values of kindness, gentleness, goodness, self control and patience through the giving of our Christian attribute beads. Our daily worship brings us together as a school community and family and sparkle and shine and share assemblies celebrate our great learning.

We also have the highest regard for safeguarding and safety in school and our Keeping safe blog showcases the great work we do in this area. We have a BIG AWARD for Anti- Bullying and encourage pupils to play a part in developing policy around anti bullying and internet safety. We have also won numerous awards such as Mode Shift stars gold award  for our work on Road safety and safe travel to school.

As a global expert hub school we are an outward looking school and ensure our pupils are aware of the wider world and other communities. We have many awards in this area from the British Council and the International schools award. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our website as there is never a dull day at Tankersley. We are committed to ensuring our website reflects the vibrancy of school life. 

Our class blogs celebrate the wonderful learning happening daily in our classrooms and other blogs showcase some of our wider opportunities such as our global schools work and excellence in music.

 We also have a VIMEO video site which you can see amazing videos on our learning click on from our website to access our school videos – nobody needs to miss out on our amazing learning!

For instant updates and up to the minute information – please log on to our website home page for instant news in the ‘post it’ note section. If you have a facebook account you can create a link to this for instant updates from your phone.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to find our about our school. We are very proud of our school community; if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Mrs J. Procter-Blain

Head Teacher

All about Tankersley St. Peters


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A letter from the Prime Minister…


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Top of the class…

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Butterfly Lions win Battle of the Bands…


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Well done, Famous Fives!

We won our TT Rockstars Battle and our most valuable players have some great scores. Keep it up! Our next battle is against The Billionaires and ends on the 10th April 2019.
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Friends of Tankersley

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What an amazing day we had at Barnsley Indoor Markets on Saturday! Some of our Famous Fives are involved in the I KNOW I CAN BIG CHALLENGE. We’ve been working really hard during enterprise time on a Friday to make some handmade etched jars filled with tasty treats. Our business (Sweet Art) has taken lots of hard work from the children but it paid off on Saturday when we had sold out by lunchtime. 
Thank you to everyone who has supported us! We will be back at school on Monday manufacturing some more to sell to parents in the mornings before school. Watch this space – we have a number of future business owners. 
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Olympic Day at the EIS – 2019

After taking part in the year 5&6 Olympic day last year at the EIS, our children were thrilled to find out we had been invited back for a second year!

During the event, that last for the whole of the day, our children were able to take part in many different Olympic style events such as the long jump, javelin, relay and other track and field events. In the morning children were taking part in different heats within their groups, with everyone aiming to be in the top group for the finals in the afternoon. With only 6 places available in group A and 23 schools competing, our children had to work hard to secure their spot. However, after dinner the groups were announced and our children had managed to obtain enough points in the heats to grab us a place in that top group!

The finals in the afternoon were much harder for us and our children knew that they would have to dig even deeper than they did in the morning and they certainly delivered! After all the finals had finished the final standings were announced and Tankersley had managed to finish the competition 5th overall out of the 23 schools that were competing. The children were then invited back on to the track to pick up their medals for finishing in the top group.

I would like to say a huge congratulations from everyone at Tankersley to all the children that competed. You all worked extremely hard and it showed. We are all very proud!


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Y5&6 Boys Football Team Take 6 Points!

On Friday 1st March our year 5&6 boys football team travelled to Hoyland Common Primary School to play two more of our football league matches. After taking 3 points away from the last two games the boys were ready to go again to try and get some more points on the board. Our first game of the afternoon was against Greenfield Primary, and the boys were eager for a win after only being able to secure a draw last season. Luckily this time around everything fell in our favour, and with both of our goals coming from well worked free kicks, the team came away with a very convincing 2-0 win and three points on the board.

The second game of the afternoon was against Hoyland common primary school and this time around the boys had to dig much deeper to get a result. The game was a stalemate for the first 20 minutes, and at this point everyone thought that both teams would walk away with a point, however, after a first time shot from one of our boys managed to find its way over the Hoyland common goalkeepers head and in to the back of the net, the win was finally in reach. After defending the lead for what seemed to be a lifetime, the final whistle went and the 3 points were ours.

A big congratulations to all who took part and a big thank you to Hoyland Common and Greenfield for two brilliant games of football!

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